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We are Chase and Allen.

We are emotionally driven, audio-based storytellers. Our goal is to capture your love story in the most raw and authentic way imaginable. As wedding filmmakers, we believe, the most powerful stories are those that are honest and pure!

Our films will have you belly laughing and ugly crying, as you relive one of your biggest days. Your wedding day will be a day you cherish forever, and as amazing as it may be, our mission is to create a film that not only WOWS you but inspires you and others.

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A Crazy Weekend in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

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Death Valley to Las Vegas

A Wild Wedding in Africa, Cape Town, SA

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Let's capture your love story.

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"I just wanted to say we are incredibly so grateful for you two for everything!!! So worth it! Idk if this will explain how happy and thankful we are. This is something we're going to cherish forever and how lucky are we because it's literally the BEST FREAKING THING EVAAAAAAA!!!! The GOAT
of wedding videography and to be honest the GOAT of videos period. It's better than anything we could ever dream of! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! God did so great bringing our paths to you two. But yes you're effing amazing with your craft. You guys are just the best and kindest people ever. Love you so much. Now omw to watching this for the 5th time tonight"

- Michaela Olson (Bride)

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When my husband and I started the planning process, I convinced him that we could not skim back on the essentials (videography/photography). I did some research and Chase & Allen came highly recommended by my barber, Koko. I checked out their work and instantly fell in love. I inquired and the rest is history. From the engagement shoot, to the zoom calls, to the wedding day, down to the final viewing of our video, Chase & Allen we’re incredible!!! Not only are they amazing, down to earth individuals but their work and professionalism spoke for itself. When we previewed the engagement video, we knew our wedding trailer and video would leave us in awe. The attention to detail was hands down unexpected and refreshing!!! My husband and I literally watch our video at least 5 times a week. They say, “take it all in on your day because it flies by”. They were right but thankfully we had an amazing team to capture each special moment that we’re able to live through daily. We appreciate and love you Chase & Allen!!!!

 - Ashley Howard (Bride)

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“Chase and Allen were amazing to work with! My husband and I only had one request, we wanted it to feel like one big Mardi Gras party. The video was incredible and they chose the best music to go with it! They exceeded my New Orleans dream and kept up with us every step of the way. They were always a beat ahead, like walking in front of our second line, coming a day early to video my bridal brunch, and just being all around great guys! We can never thank them enough for capturing everything for us to remember!”

- Shelby Pietrangelo (Bride)

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"Chase & Allen are EVERYTHING! From the moment I showed my husband one of the videos they did for another couple, he said, "They are doing our wedding." On the day of our wedding, they went above and beyond! They provided their professional opinions when asked, and jumped in to help with boutonnieres/lapel pins, and anything else we needed. Their creative vision is amazing. Not only is their work incredible, but they are incredible people."

- Tyler Johnson (Bride)

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'Chase and Allen are truly the best videographers you could ever wish for for your wedding day. Not only are they both incredible people but they also have the best energy which is exactly what you want since they are with you literally the whole day! They are so dedicated to making sure that the film they create is the right vibe for you. When we got our wedding video and I literally bawled for 3 straight days. They did the most perfect job in capturing all the little special moments and created a film beyond my dreams that I will force every guest that comes into our house to watch for the rest of my life because it is that damn good. I couldn't recommend these two enough."

- Melody Lasso (Bride)

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